How COVID-19 & lockdown have affected businesses

We’re sure nobody ever imagined 2020 to be such a disastrous year. Who would’ve thought we’d be locked up in our houses? On a normal day, I would’ve loved to work from home and have a relaxed day; but COVID has completely changed my perspective on WFH. I would rather go to the office and work there. 

A lot of people have filed for unemployment and some businesses have filed for bankruptcy. The truth is, we weren’t prepared for a disaster like this. Most businesses usually plan ahead for disasters like this but not everyone expects it to become a reality. 

The industries that have been impacted by this the most are the hospitality industry, travel industry, and constructions. As all countries follow social distancing and lockdowns, these industries have been suffering the most mainly because of the fact that these are industries that require people physically present.

It is an uncertain time but there have been many suggestions made by various companies to help make it a little easier for smaller businesses to manage during this difficult time. We suggest that you take some time out and read about how bigger companies are coping with this and what they suggest you can do to cope with it too. 

This is the time to take some inspiration from everyone around you and work on yourself and your company. If you’re a start-up, don’t lose faith, this could be the right time for you to build your business. 

SUMMARY OF THIS BLOG: These are trying times for everyone. The industries that have faced the most difficulty in this pandemic are the hospitality industry, travel and tourism industry and construction. It is always good to plan ahead and see how bigger companies are dealing with this situation just to take some motivation. 

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