How does PPC Marketing work?

PPC Work

When you run an ad on a portal or a search engine perhaps, and whenever a prospective client clicks on your ad to open the page and learn more about your product or service, you have to pay that particular portal or search engine for publishing your ad. Meaning there is no upfront payment, but a pay-per-click module. This is known as Pay-per-click or Cost-per-click. PPC advertising is most popular with Facebook ads, Twitter ads and Google ads. 


PPC Service


The PPC model works on keywords primarily. This means that an online ad comes up in the search engine only when a particular keyword relevant to the product or service offered is used. These is also called sponsored links. Companies heavily rely on Pay-Per-Click research models and keyword analysis due to the fact that it is most applicable to their product or service. Budgeting for relevant keywords is equal to a higher number of clicks which in turn is equal to higher profits. 

Obviously, this is a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the publisher. For the advertiser, this offers a chance to reach only the audience that is searching for their product using the relevant keywords, meaning that their minds are already made up to a certain extent and they know what they want. A well-planned and executed PPC campaign can also save a whole lot of money to the advertiser because the value of a click is way more than what they would pay to the publisher.

As for the publisher, the PPC model is a steady source of revenue. For example, Google and Facebook provide free web searches and social networking services to their customers. This enables online companies to monetize their products using PPC as online advertising. 


PPC Models


There are two common models used for determining the pay-per-click advertising rates: the bid-based and the flat rate models.


  • Bid Model: As the name suggests, this is based on a bid where each advertiser is willing to make a bid for the advertising spot and the one who has the highest bid, gets it. The publisher runs an auction using automated tools whenever a visitor is at the said site. The winner of the auction may not be chosen only on the basis of money but also in terms of content quality. This makes it doubly important to have good quality content as well as a great bidding strategy.

  • Flat rate Model: Clearly, this is the traditional method where there is a fixed amount to be paid for each click. Generally, there are fixed rates for the different areas of the portals that are pre-decided by the publishers. And these can be negotiable. If it is a long-term engagement or a high-value brand, the publisher can lower the prices. 


Pay Per Click Marketing Agency


Well, now that we know how to secure that top position on a page, may it be a search engine or an online portal, let’s move to how a Pay Per Click Marketing Agency can help you. Typically, a PPC marketing agency supervises and manages your online advertising efforts. 

All the big brands like Microsoft, Apple,  IBM, Coca-Cola, and Google itself too, leverage PPC ads. Businesses whether big or small can advertise online via Amazon, Facebook, Google, Waze,   LinkedIn, Bing, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

You know you have found the agency you need when they tick the crucial box of being able to use your money cleverly with a strategy that will get you the best bang for your buck. A Pay Per Click Agency is a team of marketing specialists in PPC advertising whose main effort is to try to maximise the reach of your PPC advertising campaigns, which in turn means great profitability.

 If you’re interested in finding the best PPC agencies out there, take a look at Digital Rhetoric, a PPC Marketing Service in Pune. They create an SEM (Search engine marketing) plan based on your brands requirements, after a thorough market analysis of what your target audience needs. 

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Compelling benefits of PPC advertising


Let these reasons speak for themselves. They will show you how powerful PPC advertising can be. 


  • With PPC, a huge chunk of your business goals can be achieved with just a few clicks and a great bidding strategy. 

  • Tracking and measuring PPC performance is possible and moreover, it’s easy. Just use the Google ads tool or Google analytics.

  • Even if you have joined the PPC bandwagon late, the right amount of tweaking the campaign and your campaign will be up and running. PPC optimization brings faster results.

  • The best part of PPC is that you can be in total control at all given times, which gives you the flexibility to choose your keywords or restrict placements.

  • Another big win with PPC is that it works seamlessly with other campaigns. PPC helps with data provisions for traditional marketing campaigns too.

  • The target options are increased with PPC campaigns due to the demographic coverage which by testing out a few different strategies and bids, can get a full exposure to the brand.

  • PPC is a wealth of data and performance information for marketing efforts. With each keyword being monitored to when and how many times it is clicked on, SEO gains insights too as well as Google ads data help find the right audience for your brand.




A profitable and reliable way of marketing, PPC advertising has helped performance improvement for B2B, B2C, nonprofits and other organizations that want quick, relevant traffic that can lead to quality conversions. Digital Rhetoric, a Pay Per Click Marketing Agency, provides PPC Marketing Services in Pune and will ensure that your brand gets the exposure that it is seeking. 


“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”  – Bill Bernbach.

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