Top 10 Packaging Style Trends Essential for 2024

Given free entry into 2024, in 2024, packaging styles are changing at a rapid pace to new packaging innovations while sustainability in packaging becomes more crucial than ever. Brands are actively pursuing it, utilizing state-of-the-art designs and materials to balance consumers’ desire for sustainable packaging and performance — and ensuring products make the shelves in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Sustainability-First Design

The packaging trends in 2024 will be centred around sustainability in materials and production. The three primary trends will include biodegradable packaging, reusable containers, and waste-minimizing design. The holistic combination of these directions will not only signify environmental concern but also address the increasing consumer need for green materials in packaging design. Thus, they will promote ecological and market utility.


This description could summarize the current direction of packaging trends, moving more toward cleaner, simple looks that highlight the essentials in packaging design. This tendency suggests the consumers turn toward simple, honest branding and marketing, aiming for clarity and minimalism. Considering that modern consumers are most prone to straightforward and transparent approaches, such packaging sets a trend for what looks good and well-marketing packaging.

Personalization and Customization

The increasingly developing digital printing technology is one of the drivers of packaging trends in the direction of maximum personalization of packaging design. Unique and patterned packaging filled with intense colours is appealing to consumers who require unique and tailored experiences. Thus, packaging personalization has become an essential element in attracting consumers and increasing the attractiveness of the product on the shelf.

Transparent Packaging

One of the major trends that distinguish the current packaging innovations is the use of technology in the packaging styles such as QR codes and NFC tags. They add relevant information about the product, make the user more engaged, and ensure supply chain transparency. Moreover, these implementations meet the demand of the technologically advanced consumer and sustainability trends because they provide consumers with essential information for the right purchasing motivation.

Smart Packaging

Integration of technology, such as QR codes and NFC tags, into packaging, contributes to a better consumer experience, as it allows obtaining more data and facilitates supply chain transparency. Such a combination is an innovative way to satisfy the consumers’ needs: they want to have more interactive and informative packaging, while the business wants to distribute the sare more conveniently and transparently.

Vintage and Retro Designs

Sustainable packaging featuring nostalgic designs proves to capture the feelings and experiences one has had in their childhood while unboxing a new toy. Such packaging triggers in the consumer the desire for exploration and experience. It seeks to recreate the sense of the familiar in the new retail reality. Sustainability and vintage design resonate with the growing number of end consumers seeking the reinforcement of authenticity and emotional connections, with the environmental aspects close to their hearts.

Bold Typography

Typography that is visually stunning and memorable may be observed in the realms of packaging, enabling brands to distinguish themselves on the shelf whilst swiftly conveying their character traits to consumers. This approach appears to be suitable for a period in which people are seeking clarity and impact in their selections and request items that attract attention.

Natural and Earthy Colors

This trend is more focused on sustainability and nature; packaging is designed in natural colours and textures, emphasizing eco-friendliness and wholesomeness. Earthy colours and natural materials will attract wellness-oriented customers and send a message to the market that the brand is eco-friendly. The packaging will help to establish the connection between the product and its natural origins.

Flexible Packaging

Pouches and other flexible packaging options, which are lighter and more affordable than traditional rigid packaging, are chosen by more and more brands. In addition to the more modern look, this type of packaging is more functional in terms of reduced material and shipping expenses, making it more appealing to the consumer who also prefers innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

Inclusive Design

A trend that has more recently begun making waves in terms of accessibility and inclusivity is packaging that is easily readable, opened and used by consumers of all abilities, including those with disabilities. It is inspired by universal design principles, which emphasize that products be accessible and utilized by people of all abilities.


These trends will be essential for brands hoping to capture consumer sentiment and “future-proof” their business for the coming decade. Learn more about shifting packaging styles and innovations in the future by watching Digital Rhetoric. The future of your brand depends on your understanding of AWESOMENESS. Take action now to become a lasting legacy through meaningful branding!

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