3 Common Myths About Digital Brand Building

The concept of digital marketing has been in existence for quite some time now. However, it gained a lot of momentum in recent years, especially after the onset of the pandemic. It had led to businesses having to pivot their operations digitally. Being a necessity now, it has become essential for almost everyone, including small businesses, out there.

What it also means for people who are new to this field is misconceptions. For any new and evolving concept, people usually have several misunderstandings. This article looks at three such common myths about digital marketing and how we debunk them.

Three myths about digital marketing

  • My website needs a lot of traffic for digital marketing investments to bear fruit

Website traffic has a lot of myths attached to it. There can be a situation where you have thousands of visitors browsing through your website. However, there are hardly any conversions. The essential aspect to consider here is the quality of your website’s traffic. You can still do well if there are only hundreds of visitors, but a good amount of those turns into your buyers or customers.

Your website should attract a highly targeted set of an audience instead of any random online user. Digital brand building tactics like paid ads allow you to tap into your ideal customers by understanding their persona through user behaviour and past purchases. Another crucial aspect to consider is to have a good website design. The design contributes 75% to the credibility of your website.

  • Social media is not important for my business

Social media can be a complex game to ace for a small business. But you need not fret over it. You can always hire a digital brand building services provider to take care of that. There are also misconceptions that social media is time-consuming, will cost a lot, and won’t work as competitors are already miles ahead in that aspect.

Having a social media presence is critical. A study found that 44% of local businesses use social media to improve their brand awareness and 41% use it for revenue generation purposes. You will have several opportunities to tap into once you are aware of your ideal customer and have the product or service that fits their needs perfectly.

  • I can scale my online business by focusing on quantity instead of quality

With thousands of blogs and social media posts getting updated daily for various businesses, it might be easy to assume that bulk content is the key. However, you need to think if all of that will genuinely be helpful for your audience. Presenting the same information in several ways can get you some bulk content in the short run, but it won’t work as a long-term strategy.

The information overload, especially if it’s the same thing, can instead bore your audience. A better way to approach this is to understand that your audience will only buy from you if they are convinced. It is better to come across as a genuine problem solver instead of someone whose website and social media handles have tons of content without relevance to the target audience.

When you invest in digital marketing, make sure you understand the purpose behind it. Digital brand building is a lot more about establishing an authority instead of focusing on numbers. A brand building marketing solutions provider can help you understand your purpose and get the desired results.

Bottom line

While there are several myths associated with digital marketing, these three are the most popular ones. If you are a small business owner and starting your journey, do not get bogged down by these misconceptions. Looking for a better understanding of these aspects? A digital brand building services agency like Digital Rhetoric can help you. 
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